Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Great Find, Even Without the Deal

Last August I told you about my experiences with the online deal sites in Deal or No Deal.  For those deals I payed half of the value of what I was purchasing.  Now I've found Savings Ottawa.  They sometimes offer a coupon which is worth dollars off, or perhaps a two for one deal, without us having to pay anything to get it.  While the ones you purchase almost guarantee you will use them to visit the vendor, these free coupons are still very handy to have.

We had to go into Ottawa today, and I happened to have a two for one coupon for the Merivale Fish Market.  Yes, they sell fish there, but it's also a restaurant, and my coupon said that if we ordered one meal, a second of equal or lesser value would be free.  We had never been to this establishment before, but we thought we would give it a try.  It turns out the coupon was only good from Sunday to Thursday, so we were a day too early to use it. It did say that on the coupon, but I had forgotten. Anyway, it was a nice little place and the plates I saw being delivered to the tables around us were heaped high with good looking food.  We opted to stay and give it a try, and each ordered fish and chips.  Now, there were actually three choices for that.  There was halibut, wild or otherwise, and catch of the day, which happened to be cod today.  We both chose the regular halibut. 

The meal of two batter fried fillets came with fresh cut fries and a lovely coleslaw, served up on a piece of cabbage leaf.  The batter was light and the fish was marvelous. There was both lemon and tartar sauce served with it.  We may not have got the two for one deal on this particular trip, but we did find a great new place to eat out.  We will definitely go back there, and I recommend it to everyone.

Meanwhile, why not sign up at Savings Ottawa and pick up a few deals of your own. 

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