Friday, April 5, 2013

Freebie Friday - April 5

Someone on Facebook said to me, "Nothing is ever free."  I started this Freebie Friday report to show that some of us do indeed get free things.  Even I am surprised that I have had something to report each and every week since the beginning of the year, and now it's April already!  Okay so some of the stuff isn't worth much, but some of it is, and all of it is certainly worth having....especially when it's totally free!

This week I just got a couple of little treats. This seems to be a good time to point out that while some companies send the product in the mail, others send you a coupon for the free product, and you have to go pick it up yourself. I don't mind that. It saves them postage, so they can likely give away more. And I get to choose from among their product line to pick the one I think I'd like the most. 

This is a full pack of Dentyne.  I guess they have a new look they want to introduce to us. The Doritos were won on a game on their Facebook page.  The coupon is for a 65g - 91g bag, depending on the product I choose.

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  1. Great freebies! Both are very popular in this house!