Friday, March 29, 2013

My House Isn't Actually Shrinking

Earlier this year we were in a furniture store looking for a dresser for my oldest son. When he left home, he took an old one that had been in my own grandmother's house from as far back as I can remember.  I expected he would replace it eventually, but he never did.  When I mentioned that I'd be willing to get him a new one at Christmas he seemed happy to let me.  The thing is, it has to fit into the same space as the one he has.  That's where the problem lies. 

Today's furniture is bigger than the older stuff. 

I guess I first discovered that when I went from a double bed to a queen sized one.  I knew the queen size was wider, but I had no idea it was also longer.  Suddenly the rest of my bedroom furniture no longer fit into the room properly.  When we were looking for the new dresser for my son, I mentioned all this to the salesman. He said they don't even sell two night tables as part of a set anymore.  Apparently others have also found they just can't fit them into the room.

This past week we bought and replaced our old living room furniture.  We got a loveseat, a couch and a chair.  The salesman tried to sell us tables also, but I told him I would have to wait and see how things fit into the room.  I could tell, without doubt, that this set was bigger than what it was replacing, even though it was basically the same style.  I knew that any table wider than the one we already had, would never fit into the room.  And I was right. Even that table has now been moved to the basement, and we will be using my hope chest for a coffee table for the time being.  It's narrower than the table we had.  I have seen no tables anywhere in the stores that would be narrow or small enough to fit in my living room, even with the old furniture.  Apparently they are making everything bigger these days.

I think the couch and loveseat look great, but the chair is absolutely huge. What ever were they thinking?  It's like 3/4 the size of the loveseat, and dominates the room.   From what I hear, that's not uncommon these days.  I may be looking for a smaller chair as time goes by. If I find one, I'll just sell this one off.  Why not just return it you ask? Well, not only did I get lucky and hit a 50% off sale, but the deal we got by buying all three pieces basically makes the chair free, so returning it would not be the best move in this case.  I can live with it.  Ha.  I've actually been living in it, ever since it arrived yesterday!

This house is definitely starting to feel smaller, but then, it is only 900 square feet to begin with.  Some of the houses I see being built today darn near have garages that big. It's not us, it's the furniture companies. They are building things to fit in these big modern houses.

Spring is here.  I have proof.  When I finally got outside after the furniture was delivered, I found my first crocuses of the year blooming close to the doorway. 

When I went for the mail, I found sample teas from the Alokozay company. Apparently they distribute though some Walmart stores. 

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