Friday, March 15, 2013

Freebie Friday - March 15

After a quiet week last week, the flood gates broke and I got all kinds of free stuff this week.

First to arrive was a package full of all occasion cards, some stickers, a notepad and a pen, all from the Heart and Stroke Foundation. They hope for a donation, of course, but I've done that already recently, so I count this stuff as freebies.

Next came a sample of Cream of Wheat.  Since I tend to keep a box of the regular stuff around for one of my pancake recipes, I chose to sample a new one called Cinnamon Swirl. I'm not sure why I picked that. Cinnamon seems to be giving me a bit of a problem these days so I have not tried it yet. The sample came with a 75 cent off coupon for a variety pack. I guess that's to encourage us to try other new flavours too, but I wish they would take a cue from some other companies, like Kashi, that sometimes offer $2 off.

Then I got a free copy of Kraft's What's Cooking and a catalogue from Herrschners. I've never heard of them before, so this catalogue is new to me.  It has a lot of different crafts in it, and while there is something I've been meaning go purchase, adding the shipping costs on top of that will just make me look harder for it in the shops.  If all else fails, I now know where to get it.

And lastly, my latest Yves Rocher order arrived, and, as usual, there were plenty of gifts to make up for the shipping costs of that.  Not only did they send 3 little samples, but also a full sized lipstick. I even got to pick the colour when I placed the order.  The gift for ordering within 10 days was a cute little clock.  It not only tells the time, but the temperature too. It has an alarm, and a "snooze" function, which will cycle the white part of the clock though a series of colours, lit from within. And while it does that, it plays your pick of several nature sounds.  Very cute.  I just wish the face also had some light as it's impossible to see the time in the dark.

It's been a very good week for freebies, if nothing else.  See my previous post for more on that.

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