Friday, March 15, 2013

Who Needs the Ides of March!

Yesterday was NOT a good day.
I was trying to load my Tax software. The first time I did it a week ago, I
got the payment made but before I could print the receipt and get the access
code, the computer froze up and shut down.

Once I made sure they didn't charge me, I tried again yesterday. I got the
payment made, got the access code, and did the download. Then the program
wouldn't open. All I got was a notice saying it was not a Win32 application.
So I contacted them again, and they said the file must have gotten corrupted
so I was told to delete it and download again. But I accessed all this
through a disc, and the disc, wants payment before you can go any further.
I'll have to go online today and see if I can get my access code to work
with the downloads from there. .....though from what I can see so far, they
want payment before a download too.

And that was just the beginning of my day.

I wanted to submit my latest Art House Co-Op project.  We were supposed to draw a portrait of someone we know, in just 5 minutes time. I'm not used to drawing people from a live model as it is, and mine managed to wander off before my time was up, so it's not my fault he looks 30 years older in this rendition.  Then I discovered the link to upload it had disappeared. Art House tried to tell me it was due two days earlier than my records indicate, but since they have removed it, I couldn't see for myself. They did let me put it up on the Flickr page though.  After that I wrote their techies a note saying that part of the fun in doing these projects was in the sharing, but since they now have decided to delete all the latest projects on the list after the due date, nobody will ever find them.

The day progressed.
My hubby needed a prescription refilled but since his doctor had recently told
him to take a whole pill instead of a half pill, he ran out sooner than expected and the
the insurance won't pay for them.  I had to deal with the medical centre
and the druggist.  Hopefully that's all sorted out, but I won't know until I
go and try to pick them up today.

I got so frustrated with my day that I decided to take a pot of tea and a
book and go have a nice hot soak in the tub ... even if it was at higher
energy rates at that time of day. I just nicely got into the water and the
light bulb blew out.

Later I went to Zumba. We have no actual instructor there, but follow a
video projected on the wall. The lady with the projector didn't come, so we
had to try to follow it from a laptop screen.

That was my day yesterday.
And now it's the Ides of March.
Heaven help me!

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