Monday, July 1, 2013

Rideau Lakes Studio and Garden Tour

Sunday's weather was perfect to go gallivanting so we took in the Rideau Lakes Studio and Garden Tour.  We started in Portland, at the studio of Michael Doxey.  I found his pieces interesting and not at all like everyone else makes. It was a good way to start the tour.

Next we visited, a woodworker, John Cochrane who had a wide variety of products on display. We got his card as he might just be the man to build me a coffee table that actually fits in the room someday.

Next door to John, Lorna an Dennis Hutton  displayed some lovely paintings. She does acrylics and watercolour, while he paints in acrylics and oil.  There is lots to see, and well worth the stop.

At a large brick farm house we found the functional pottery of Sherry Rogers and fine arts and quilts by Margaret Kelk.  The was another attraction there too.  Barn swallows had built a nest above the light on the front porch.  The mother was guarding the nest. People were directed to the side door. 

The next stop was at the studio of sculptor Doug MacDonald in Phillipsville.  I bought some little cement balls that held tea lights from him years ago.  I didn't see any of those on display this time, but when I mentioned them, someone brought a couple out. Today's version is much smoother than what I have, and not nearly as interesting to me, but if you are looking for a sculpted piece to hang on a wall, this is the place to stop.

John Shea is also on this tour, and is by far one of my favourite artists. We didn't go to his place as I've seen his work so many times and it was off the beaten track. We wanted to make sure we had time to get the rest of the stops in before closing time. Actually, I'm thinking we should have gone as I've never seen him in his home setting.  Oh well, maybe next time.
The garden at Barb and Jim Rowat's place is worth a visit, even if you are not into art. I remembered this was where we learned to put pieces of Irish Spring on garden stakes years ago, to ward off the deer. Apparently theirs have gotten used to the soap after 10 years, and it no longer works for them. There was actually a painting here that I was very tempted to take home with me.  Beautiful daisies, all in blue and white. Honestly, I simply don't have the wall space, or they would have sold that one to me!

Shaun Seaman's studio is also worth exploring.  It's a true cottage on Indian Lake.  His grounds are totally fascinating and a work of art on their own with various cement pathways leading down from the road to the cottage..

There was a jeweler there too, but she's not listed on the brochure, so I don't know who she was. She had some very interesting pieces there, and some of them were quite reasonably priced.

We stopped in at Eleanor Pinsonneault's Cedar's Art Studio at Chaffey's Locks.  The usual Chaffey's deer was grazing under the apple tree and a lady with a camera was in hot pursuit.

Our last stop of the day was at Roberta McKinney's weaving studio. She has several looms set up and gives classes.  The looms were currently set up to make tea towels, each one with a different pattern. The students make a towel, and then rotate to the next loom. By the end of the class season, they have all made 9 towels, each with a different pattern.  Her studio is located on the same piece of property occupied by the Loonie Sports Club.  This is quite an amazing facility to be found so far out in the boonies.  On this particular day painter Margaret Martin also had her work on display there.

It was a lovely day for a drive, and there was lots of exploring to do, so we really enjoyed our day.  The tour continues on Canada Day, so if you want to do something different, perhaps this will fit the bill.  Go have a great day.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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  1. This sounds completely marvelous! I think we have something similar in the autumn. I'm going to have to pay closer attention. Perhaps Murray and I will have an afternoon just the two of us.