Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lepage Ultra Gel - Final Tests

I'm running out of time, so I'll combine these latest two tests of Lepage Ultra Gel into this one post. 

The wire had come out of my bra cage.  For those who don't know what that is, it's a mesh bag with wires in the bottom and in the lid, to help it hold other laundry away from delicates so that things like under wire bras don't get bent out of shape if you throw them in the washing machine.  Okay, so I know they are meant to be hand washed, but really, who does that?

First I had to thread the wire back into the lid. Then I would normally just stick one end of the wire back into the tubing on the other end, but I've done that numerous times and it just comes back out.  This time I decided to try gluing it in place.  The tricky part came when I had to try and get the newly glue covered end of the wire into the tubing at the other end, without it sticking to the mesh bag in the process.  Without the glue it's not too difficult to insert one end into the other, but since this glue catches so quickly, I sure didn't need to get my fingers in the way. I am a klutz, remember, and I had no wish to glue my fingers together, or to anything else, so I found it a little awkward, to manipulate the wire with my fingers moved so far back into a safer position.  But I did it, and it looks as good as new.  It still has to go through the laundry a few times before I declare it a success though.  I expect it will hold at least as long as the original glue did, and I'll happily repair it again if the need arises.  In the meantime, this lovely sample of glue has just saved me $10.

Next I fixed something that I've wanted to fix for a couple of years now.  We have this old pedestal table that my hubby's grandfather made by hand. When I say by hand, I mean he used hand tools, like a chisel to shape the grooves. I doubt he had anything fancy to work with. Things may not be symmetrical, but that just adds character to this family heirloom.  The problem was that every time I moved the table, to vacuum under it, or for whatever reason, the legs of the pedestal would loosen off to the point where you could easily see almost an inch of all the pegs that held them on.  I always had to get down and shove the legs back in place before trusting that table to hold my lamp and plants again.

I turned the table upside down and took a look.  Each leg had three pegs holding it to the centre post.  The pegs were round and any other glue would likely have run and dripped off one or two before you got the third one done.  I was able to squeeze the glue in place around each peg, and shove the legs back on.  I left the table in its upside down position for several minutes while I went off to do something else, but when I turned it over, the legs stayed where they were supposed to, and I do not anticipate any further problems.  In this case, I saved my hubby some work, as he had promised to fix the table and I was able to do it for him.

Now that the time for experimenting is just about over, I have finally found a friend with several things that need fixing.  I likely won't have time to do any of that before the reporting time is over but I certainly enjoyed doing these experiments and telling you about them for The Insiders.  I hope I was able to satisfy them so I can get in on another campaign soon.

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