Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lepage Ultra Gel - Test Three

When I joined The Insiders I had no idea that they would send me such an interesting product to test and share with the rest of you.  The Lepage Ultra Gel is capable of things I would never have dreamed of using it for.  As part of the testing, The Insiders sent along a piece of stretch tubing.....the kind you exercise with like you would with those stretchy bands.  The instructions said to cut it in half, and then glue it back together.  Well, I did that, and figured I'd screwed up the experiment because I didn't line the tubing up properly to start with, but as this glue catches hold within five seconds, I quickly pulled the pieces apart and stuck them back repositioning the ends of the tube correctly.  So, it's my fault if this is repair is a little messier than necessary, but at the same time, it might help you see where the tubing was glued together.  Once the glue was set I challenged a number of people to pull on both ends to see if the glue would hold.  The tubing is stretchy, remember, so they could pull it as if they were having a tug o war with themselves or each other.. The glue held and everyone is totally impressed with this product now. 

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