Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Enough Already!

Last year I told you all about my string of good luck.  Well, the planets must have shifted positions because now things are just not going all that well in my world.

The computer I normally do the taxes on is very old, and temperamental so I decided to load the tax software onto my hubby's machine this year. I do taxes for most of my family, and managed to get three out of the five done before I got the paperwork for the other two. There are things missing for those, so I have to wait. Meanwhile hubby was on Kijiji the other day and picked up a virus on his machine.  So far, I've only printed off one of the three completed taxes.  Now we have this virus to contend with before I can proceed. Time is quickly running out.

I believe I mentioned that we had recently purchased some new furniture.  We thought we had lucked out finding something so comfortable on a day when it happened to be 50% off.  But they managed to damage all 3 pieces somewhere along the way. It's like they took it off the truck, set it down on one corner and pivoted it before picking up that end. There is one worn corner on each piece, and we are hoping to get it all replaced.

The assessor was supposed to show up on Thursday, but he never came.  Hubby even took the day off to deal with him. Meanwhile, the tags remain on the furniture, and we are being overly protective of it, so they can't say we did any further damage.  We had a 4 year old here a week ago, for the day. I covered everything with blankets and was amazed he didn't decide it was time to make forts!

Today, I went to my exercise class, and before leaving I went off to visit the washroom.  I found myself stuck in the stall. The lock wouldn't release.  I ended up having to crawl out under the door.  That is not an easy task at my age, but I can't  help being a bit glad it was me, and not any of the others in the class. It's a seniors class, after all, with people in their 80's and  and others with bad hips, bad knees, and other problems. I was in there, and everyone else was leaving the building. One of the others could have been trapped for who knows how many days, until another group rented the hall and they were discovered and set free.  Scary thought. I stopped by the municipal office on the way home, to alert them to the locked door I had left behind. 

There have been a couple of other problems lately too, mostly related to one institution or another, so it would take much too long to fill you in on those. Suffice it to say that any operation with the power to screw you up is busy doing that to me these days, so you can relax.

I was going to go to the Fashion over 50 presentation at the Library this afternoon, but it's brewing up  a storm out there, and with my luck, some big branch would fall on my head as I walked across town.  I think I'll just stay here and read.

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  1. Well, at least you are managing to keep a sense of humour about it all! I hope you had a good afternoon reading and then things turn for the better again very soon!