Friday, April 12, 2013

Freebie Friday - 12 April

The weather has been very damp lately, and with that comes a lot of sore parts.  I have a bad hip, for instance, and an arthritic toe, and my neck and shoulder have not been happy lately either.  I've been fine all winter, so all this recent pain is totally weather related, and I, like everyone else, am more than ready for spring to arrive.  (No such luck this week, as we were under a winter storm warning, and after being threatened with 20cm of snow, we got freezing rain instead. Personally, I'd rather have the snow!)

So, just as I am starting to complain of all this pain and stiffness, a tube of Voltaren arrives.  It's contains an anti-inflammatory medicine in an innovative gel form.  After reading the material that comes with it, I find that it's more for sprains and strains than for arthritic problems, so perhaps it's best suited for my shoulder. I originally injured it when a big dog I was hanging on to wrenched me forward suddenly.  Last year I fell, and must have jarred that old injury as it's been bothering me ever since.  I'll test it out on that.

The other thing I got this week was a green wrist band from the people at  They have declared me a Planet Saver after I answered a few questions to find out what my do-gooder style is.

There is no way of knowing if something else came in the mail today as it's just too icy for me to venture out.  Welcome to Spring in Ontario.

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