Monday, March 28, 2011

Off to a Good Start

I woke up this morning weighing 3 pounds less than yesterday. That means I’m off to a good start on this 17 Day Diet plan. I know that’s likely just water weight, but it took me a whole week to lose that on Weight Watchers when I first joined that several years ago.

I didn’t even get any exercise yesterday. It was my day to sit in front of the computer for several hours of the painting webinar I’m enjoying so much. Today I did better at the exercise though, as I had to walk the kilometer to the medical centre, and then back again this morning, and I also walked to my painting class this afternoon, carrying my heavy bag of art supplies. The diet is supposed to give you energy, and it must be doing that as I actually washed the kitchen floor when I got home.

There is always yogurt in the house since my hubby takes it in his lunch every day, but if I was going to eat it too I needed to buy some extra. They recommend the probiotic kind. Actually, I’m quite fond of Dan Active, and it has probiotics, so I went looking for that. It wasn’t on sale though, and the store brand had some actual probiotic yogurt on sale so I took a closer look at that. They had a strawberry banana flavour. I’ve always liked strawberry banana jello, and I like the strawberry banana Crystal Lite (though I think there’s orange in that also) so I decided to try this stuff. I’ll finish the package....maybe.....but I won’t buy it again. It tastes almost medicinal, somehow. And besides, it has more sugar and more calories than the other yogurt in my fridge. Way more. There are 90 Calories and 12 grams of sugar in the PC Pro Advantage, but only 35 calories and 3 grams of sugar in the Silhouette 0+. Normally I’m good at looking at the nutritional information, but in this case I guess I got carried away by the probiotic buzz word and the super low price. It seemed like a good time to try the product. Well, I tried it. They can keep it.

Note to self.... put some fresh berries on the shopping list for next week.

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