Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Hungry Here

Yesterday I thought I’d make things easier on myself, and just roast a chicken. That way I’d have some for a few days. Well, around here, I usually eat the dark meat, and my hubby gets the white meat, so that probably wasn’t the best idea. Because of The 17 Day Diet all the special things about roast chicken went out the window. Of course, this bird didn’t get stuffed, since I can’t have bread yet. Then it almost broke my heart to have to dump out all the lovely drippings I would normally make gravy out of, and I really hated to have to pull the lovely skin off the bird too. You can bet I licked my fingers every time I did that though.

We had cooked carrots as our vegetable last night, as well as a salad. When I was younger, I hated cooked carrots. My mom used to say even if I didn’t see it on my plate, if I got even a little bit accidently, like in stew, I’d be sick to my stomach. I hated them that much. Well, hey, I haven’t had any form of starchy food for just a couple of days and I can tell you, I really enjoyed those carrots! In fact, I somehow managed to get some of my hubby’s share.

I mentioned previously that I didn’t care for the PC yogurt I bought even though I usually really liked strawberry banana flavoured things. Well, today I discovered, that what I had eaten and not cared for turned out to be the strawberry flavour, and today I had a banana one, and it was really good. The flavours come separately in the same carton, not mixed together as I had thought. Funny though, as I usually like strawberry yogurt a lot, and I really didn’t like this one at all.

I can honestly say I have not had a moment of hunger, though yesterday I did actually crave some crackers and cheese for a little while. That’s more habit than hunger and I got over it pretty quickly. This morning, after only 3 days of eating this way, I’m down 4 pounds total, and have lost 2 cm around the hips and waist.

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