Thursday, March 6, 2014

De-Cluttering Week 10 - Over the Top with Tops

It's a good thing it's been cold this winter.  I have been wearing sweaters a lot, and since I tend to wash them gently, one at a time, sometimes there are several out of the drawer waiting their turn for their turn to be washed.  This, I've discovered, is a good thing as I have not once been able to get all of my sweaters and sweatshirts into the drawers all at the same time this winter. 

I can't recall ever having had that problem in the past, and I'm sure I didn't get any new ones in the past year or two, so I decided that the drawers needed to be cleaned out, and reorganized. All three of them.

I took everything out of the drawers and stacked it on the bed, all at the same time. Then I went through the piles and restacked them into categories. Sweaters, sweatshirts, long sleeved t-shirts, and regular t-shirts.  Hey, what are they doing in there? 

I decided it was time to dispose of an old purple jogging suit, and any Red Hat related tops, since I don't wear them anyway. There was also an old sweater that I didn't wash properly and totally ruined that I will finally let go of for the same reason.  I convinced myself I have enough rough work clothes and painting duds.

To put the t-shirts where they belonged, I had to look into those drawers also.  Since it's still cold, I wanted the long sleeved ones in the dresser in my room.  The short sleeved ones can be stored in the drawers of the dresser in the spare room, until things warm up and then I'll change things around again.  I have way more tops than anyone needs, but some colours work better some years than others.  Some summers I wear a lot of black and white, while others summers I'm much more colourful. Some years I like greens and oranges, while other years I like blues and browns. I don't follow the gurus advice to  dispose of the things I don't wear for a year.  I've discovered many times that I'm quite happy to pull what seems like a whole new wardrobe right out of a drawer each spring.

While I started out to clean out three drawers, I ended up rearranging six.  I have a bag of stuff to donate, and some other stuff hit the trash bucket.  I feel confident I will finally be able to get all my sweaters into the drawer when I wash them this weekend.

As an added bonus, when my hubby saw what I was doing, he took his sock drawer and cleaned it out too.


  1. I'm sure that clothes - t-shirts especially - reproduce at the same rate as rabbits when we're not looking lol! I most definitely need to go through my drawers too since I have *blush* put on a a fairly decent layer of fat, especially up-top, in the past year. De-cluttering my drawers seems a lot easier than going in a diet to me!

  2. I need to purge some clothes too. Like you, I have a lot more than I really need. I do like having a variety of colours but I'm sure there are some that I could part with. I'll add that to my task list.

  3. Nicely done! This reminds me I have a couple of drawers that are always full even when everything I wear is in the laundry.

  4. This is one that I do regularly. I don't know why. Possibly because for so many years we had very little room, so I had to keep my clothes at a minimum. It's always a great feeling when everything fits in the drawer! :o) I was going to link up, but since I was slow this week, I'll have to do it next week.