Friday, March 21, 2014

Cleaning Up the Cleaning Supplies

It's always a good idea to keep all your cleaning supplies in one place so you can find what you need, when you need it.  I reached for a clean rag the other day and discovered I had way more of them than anyone would ever need.  In fact, the whole cleaning supply cubby hole needed to be cleaned out.

First I went and got the vacuum cleaner, because, if I'm taking things out of that cupboard, I might as well get rid of the dust bunnies that have been breeding in there.  I then went and got a zippered storage container that the Yves Rocher people sent me with my last order (actually they sent me four, in assorted sizes). I thought I'd put the rags in it, which would help make the space a lot neater. After digging out all the rags, and sorting them according to types, and disposing of the really ratty ones, I still had more than anyone needs.  How did I get so many?  Well, if a tea towel, dish cloth or face cloth gets a hole in it, it becomes a cleaning rag. I also like bits of flannel and old t-shirt material for dusting with.  Then there are sturdier cloths that my hubby likes to use as work rags. 

Hmmmmm.......there were lots of those. I kept a few for such things as cleaning the oven and put the rest in the zippered container.  It went to the basement to a place where my mechanical hubby can find them when he needs them, and they are much more neatly contained than they have ever been before.  I had decided that container was too big for my cubby hole anyway.

I put my remaining rags into a plastic basket, and made myself a promise that if I get more than what fits in that container, I have to dispose of some. The cardboard box in the photo, in case you noticed it, is the perfect size to hold 6 roles of toilet paper. I've been using that same box for many years.  A little rearranging of supplies and the whole space is so much more tidy, it's amazing. 

Other than that, I had decided to send Bonnie at Jasper's Gems an envelope full of stamps, just to get rid of them.  I know she collects them for some needy cause.  I packaged them all up, and took them down to the post office.  They will now be delivered to a local place that uses them instead, since Canada Post had the nerve to tell me they wanted $9.48 just to mail off a 6 x 8 inch envelope of used stamps.  I said, "You must be kidding," and when they assured me they were not, I just told them to forget it. Sorry Bonnie, but they will go to a good cause in my own area now. They are still leaving the house.

This is week 12 of this de-cluttering project. I took a look around to see if I have maintained what I have previously cleaned.  Well, there is a "little pile of paper on my desk that needs to be dealt with, but nothing serious, The key words there are "dealt with" as each one requires me to take some action before I can put it away.  The top of my storage unit and book case have remained neat, other than one envelope full of photos I intend to give to the people in them. A couple of things have landed on the box behind me this week, but they are there only until tonight, then they will be gone. The part of  the spare bedroom that I tidied up is still good, even though, or perhaps because I've had overnight visitors twice since then.  The linen closet remains neat and organized, though I've discovered I am in bad need of some new pillowcases.  The jewelry is so organized, I can't see there ever being a problem with that until the storage unit starts to fall apart.  Hopefully that won't happen for several years.

The refrigerator is an ongoing project, of course, but it tends to get cleaned out the day before garbage day. I do, of course still have all the other cupboards and drawers to clean out, over time. And there is still all the stuff that is hidden beneath the spare bed (magazines, paintings, spare frames, etc).  I'm sure though, with this ongoing project, I'm bound to get to these things sooner or later.  With the warmer weather coming (please God) I will also have de-cluttering to do in the basement, garage and garden. Normally that idea would have me feeling overwhelmed, but I'm learning that even one extra chore a week does get things done.

What did you do this week?



  1. I was so excited when I say the envelope of stamps. Too bad Canada Post charges so much. Phooey on them! You can always give them to an elementary school next time that has a stamp club. That's what I did when my granddaughter was in grade school.

  2. Oh, and by the way....good job cleaning out that cleaning supplies cabinet. You might actually be able to find what you are looking for now.

  3. C.P. drives me crazy! It's as if they want snail mail to disappear completely. I have a problem with keeping the rag count down too. Waste not, want not. :o) Yes, pleeeease come spring!!!