Friday, February 15, 2013

Freebie Friday - February 15

I have a wide variety of free things to report this week.
First I used a coupon to bring home a package of Kellogg's Special K Cracker Chips absolutely free.  Maybe I should have scanned the coupon so you would believe me, but I now have another one for Turkey Bacon, so I'll show you that, when I use it.

Later in the week I received samples of both Advil Nighttime and L'Oreal Miracle Blur.  Now these are two products that I truly hope work, and more will be purchased if they do.  Both of these samples also came with coupons worth $4 off a future purchase.

Finally, I got something I was no longer expecting. I had done a survey for Penguin Books last fall, and was thrilled to be presented with a list of books to choose from, as a reward for completing the survey.  I picked a book and waited for it to arrive. I had won a book from them shortly before this and it arrived quite quickly. But this reward book never came. I assumed it was lost, and for some reason I dropped Penguin a line a couple of weeks ago to say that I never got the book I chose. Well, it arrive this week, so I'm very happy about that. I don't know if it was my inquiry that triggered the shipment or if it was just a coincidence that it finally showed up here now.  I'll be starting to read it in a day or two, when I'm finished the book I currently have my nose in.

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