Friday, January 25, 2013

Freebie Friday - Jan 25

While it was never my intention to let this Freebie Friday thing take over my blog, I am at least glad I committed to it as otherwise you would likely not have heard from me in the past month.  The only other thing I have wanted to tell you about can't be put on here yet. It's a surprise. 

I got involved in a Pay It Forward project.  Someone on Facebook offered to send something they had made to the first five people who responded, on condition that they post the same offer on their page. I jumped in with both feet, not really knowing just what it was I would create.  I just knew I wanted to do it.

I got four takers on my offer, and somehow, luckily, I got in on their offers too, so, in reality, I'm exchanging things with these four talented people.  I have now finished two of those four projects (I think) and I'm itching to show them to you. If I did that now it that would ruin the surprise, not only for those who they are intended for, but perhaps also for those whose projects I have not started yet.....even though I expect those will be somewhat different.  In the meantime, I found out I could do something I didn't know I could do...but like I said, I can't tell you yet.
So I'm here, once again, to tell you what landed in my mail box this week.  I got five free things, all of which came from the same company, in the same box.  I had put in a little order to Yves Rocher, just for a lipstick and a new bottle of liquid hand soap. They always send samples and free stuff, and I do try to wait until I like what they are offering before putting in my order, just so I feel like I'm getting something for my postage charges.  This time I think I did very well. 

I got three small samples. One was a perfume, and the others were new face products, designed to keep me young looking.  I'm looking forward to testing those out.  The company wanted to start my year out right by giving me what they referred to as my "favorite product".  I'm not sure about that, but they did pick the most expensive thing I've ordered in the past year, so I'm very happy to have a new full sized bottle of the foundation makeup I use.  And finally there was a lovely light weight fold up nylon shopping bag for my purse that they referred to as my bonus gift.  All these freebies more than covered the shipping cost. 

Now if the new creams actually make me look younger, I'll be thrilled.

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