Friday, January 18, 2013

Freebie Friday - Jan 18

 There are several ways free things find their way to my house. Sometimes I win them. Sometimes I ask for them, and sometimes I use coupons to acquire them. This week I got something each of these ways.

Not everything that I get for free comes in the mail. Some of it comes from the grocery store.  Two different kinds of cereal had coupons for freebies recently. One coupon was printed on the inside of the cereal box, while the other coupon was the kind that required me to buy the cereal in order to get the other item for free.  In fact, it was a freebie sample a couple of years ago that first introduced me to the Kashi line. I find their products in the natural food section of the grocery store, and I had a choice of crackers or chewy granola bars with the purchase of a box of their cereal.  I've had many of their products since that first free sample, and really like them, so for them it was a good investment.  I chose the Cherry Chocolate bars this time because I remember them to be a great treat.

As for the Yoplait yogurt tubes, well, I chose them from the other options because I thought my grandchildren might enjoy them if they come for a visit before I eat them all.  They are always looking for a snack when they are here. I had never tried these before, and now that I have, I doubt I'd let the little guy get his hands on one. He'd likely get it all over himself and the room rather than in his tummy.  They are creamy, but runnier than the usual yogurt I buy, so I didn't find them as filling either.

I saved $6.58  by not having to pay for these two items and though I did buy a box of cereal at full price, at least it was one I already know I will enjoy.

In the mail this week, I received a pendant that I won on a blog contest.  I've come to find that blogs are a great place to enter contests because there is not nearly as much competition.  I think I've won 3 or 4 such contests so far.  The pendant apparently has a lot of meaning behind it.  Check out Bonnie's blog to learn more.


And lastly, I got a pastel pencil from a company called Conte a Paris that offered a sample of  their brand.  I have never done much with pastels, but I may be inspired to try something now that I have a sample to test out along with the ones I have here.

Sometimes, as I said, all you have to do is ask for a sample, and you get it.

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  1. Yes, blogs are a great way to win. I've won several times and it is so fun every time. I got a great deal on yogurt recently. They had coupons in the box that a church friend gave me and then the store had a really good sale. I paid less than $2 for a case of twelve. The kids loved having a change in their lunch.