Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In Memory Of.....

Over the past few years a few friends and relatives have passed away, but their names are still on my e-mail list.  I keep thinking I should delete them, but I never do it. Though those dear people are gone, and I know it, somehow I just can't seem to get myself to hit that delete button in my address book. It just doesn't feel right yet for some reason.

Today I was reading an article about the Slave Lake fire in Reader's Digest. At the end of the article they mention marks made on a white board during the fire. The marks show where the bulldozers saved houses and where the fire reached town and raged on through until it reached the lake before dying out.  The article mentioned that six months after the fire those ink marks on the board remained untouched.  The fire chief said he just couldn't bring himself to erase it. 

I guess I'm not so strange after all.

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