Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm Now a Collector

Every year our little village holds a yard sale. I don't mean we gather at one location. Everyone puts their unwanted stuff out on their own property and other people come from far and wide, or just down the block, to see what they can find. Mind you, if there is a vacant lot somewhere, several sellers will set up shop there too.

Last year I picked up lots of little treasures. This year, I only came home with 4 little salt dishes. 

I didn't need them, but I brought home two several years back from a big yard sale the animal shelter was having to raise funds.  A couple of years ago I spotted a couple more at one of our village yard sales and passed them up... and hated myself later. So this time I brought them home.  I likely only would have chosen one, but the price was too high for one, and just fine for all four, so it seems I  now have a collection.

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  1. These little dishes are used by my family in Denmark, along with a tiny wooden spoon. They contain pure sea salt, used in everything. There would be several on the dinner table... from your Friday Friend...