Monday, August 1, 2011

A Bit of False Advertising Leads to Adventure

It seems Tim Horton's now has Stone Cold Creamery at some of their locations. I've got a coupon so that if I buy one ice cream treat, I get another one for free. I knew there was no ice cream at any of the Tim Horton's around here, so I put in my postal code and did a search for the nearest location where this would be available.  The search came up with two possibilities.  One was on Bank Street in Ottawa, and the other was in Elgin Ontario, which is down highway 15 toward Kingston. I couldn't believe that, so I double checked it. 

It was decided that today would be a good day to go geocaching, so we decided to go to Elgin for an ice cream treat.  Of course, once we got there, there was not only no Stone Cold Creamery, there wasn't even a Tim Hortons.  That really was no surprise, but it's strange that the search engine brings it up as if there were.

Now, if I had clicked on the little bubble, I would have seen this....

And that would indicate that I needed to go all the way to the 401 to get the ice cream. But for some reason it still says Elgin Ontario...which is not near the 401.  Just a sneaky way to get people to go to Elgin perhaps?

Anyway, we did some geocaching, and then dropped into the local restaurant to have a cool drink.

No, not that kind. 

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  1. Very odd ... Elgin postal code is K0G 1E0 and the phone number should start with 613. 519 is the covers most of southwestern Ontario. :)