Thursday, September 22, 2016

Parc Omega Worth the Journey

This summer we finally made it to Parc Omega in Quebec, up near Montebello. We chose to drive on the Ontario side up toward Rockland, and then crossed by way of a ferry both coming and going. We took the Cumberland/Masson ferry over, and the smaller, cheaper cable Thurso/Rockland ferry back.

When we arrived at the park, we had a quick meal at the snack bar at the trading post, though we found there are various places where we could have had a picnic of our own.


As soon as you enter the park you are greeted by a welcoming committee looking for treats such as apples or carrots. If you didn't bring any from home, the carrots are also available at the trading post, at no more than they would cost you at the supermarket. They come from a local farmer and certainly taste better than what I have at home.

Our first stop was at the new First Nations Area.  There is a trail around a small trout lake. It's a beautiful, easy walk with Totems along the way representing the various tribes.

You might even run into some deer along the path.

And you can feed the trout too.

Most of the park is a drive through, and is much larger than I'd expect. Even so, you could drive though it several times if you wanted to, and see something different each time.

For instance, this fellow may have been on the road at some point, but it's really nice to see him relaxing in his natural habitat.

And perhaps we would not have been held captive by this buffalo who decided to stand in the middle of the road for 5 minutes and keep us from passing.  You are not allowed to feed the buffaloes and I suspect he was protesting. In the end he took a step forward, and my hubby inched the car past his hind end ever so slowly.  I'm still not sure that was a wise move, but we made it safely out of there.

We just caught the end of the bird show, but were in time to see them feed the wolves.  The wolves know that when we all show up, they are going to be fed, and they also seem to know we want to get pictures of them so they take turns posing on various stumps and rocks.

We followed a nice trail over to the farm area.

Where there were plenty of domesticated animals of all descriptions.

Throughout the park there were various places where you came across examples of some pretty amazing carving.  There was just so much to see, I'm sure we could benefit from a return trip.

There was one section of the park where the animals were kept at a safe distance from the vehicles.  That's where you found such things as the arctic wolves

and the bears.

 So, why am I telling you about our summertime trip now that fall has begun?  The country side up that way, and throughout the park land is so beautiful, during the summer, I'm sure it would be a spectacular place to visit once the leaves start to change colour.  Why don't you go see for yourself?

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