Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gifts From Cyber Space

 Cyber friends are wonderful people who you may never meet, but who often go out of their way to do nice things for you.  Over the years I've had them send me a multitude of things, mainly just because they had something they thought I'd like.

I get wonderful cards at Christmas and sometimes even my birthday. I've received everything from specialty tea bags to a camera lens in the mail over the years. I've had people pass me software after they upgraded to a newer version. Last year a lovely lady I had never met in person before, drove well out of her way during a trip to drop off a couple of discs at my place.  She could have saved a lot of time and gas by just mailing them, but it was
so wonderful to meet  her, her hubby and her dogs, even if they couldn't stay for a visit.

Most recently I received a package all the way from Turkey.  It contained a calendar, two bookmarks and two magnets, all of which had cat designs on them. What a treat. The artist is Ayse Saray, and I met her in a photography forum.

People often say that cyber friends are not "real friends" but they are wrong. They are very supportive, encouraging, entertaining and just plain wonderful. If I ask for help, I get it. If I ask for nothing, I get gifts. That's one of the reasons I signed on to the Pay it Forward initiative this year. I want to send out some surprises to a few people myself. I have a list of five names to start with and I'm already thinking of things I could send them. I'm going to have fun with this.  Nobody will know what's coming or when.

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