Saturday, February 14, 2015

Family Day, For Whoever Feels Like Family to You

The idea of a close family is often shaped by the media. I grew up watching such things as Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver.  Everything was perfect, or if there was a problem, it was really nothing serious. We all know real families are seldom like those.  More recent TV families have somewhat more realistic problems, but once again, things are usually worked out by the end of the  time allotted for the program each week. Real life families have a much longer time frame for problems to arise and diminish in, but the media has planted false ideas in our heads and not everyone seems to understands that.

We are all born into our first family, though some of us never feel like that's the one we belong in. Children within a family can be so different from one another, that though their parents may love them equally, the kids themselves never quite connect. They may fight as children and then become total strangers once they have grown up and left the nest. Other families are more closely knit and they are the lucky ones, though even those often have problems. No family is as perfect as we would hope. That doesn't mean the members don't love each other.

Many people find others they feel closer to than the ones they grew up with.  There is just something they connect with that draws them together.  In some cases they can form and build their own families with those people. The rest just enjoy one another's company and feel accepted and understood and have what we grew up believing a close family connection would be like.  There are the families you are given, and the families you create.

February 16th is Family Day.  Draw those dear to you close. Let them know you care. Everyone longs to feel some sort of family connection.  This is the day to try to create it.


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