Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm Ready For a Sticky Situation!

As I told you, I was recently involved in a word of mouth campaign for Lepage Ultra Gel through The Insiders.  Basically, they sent me the product to try, and each time I told any one about it, or got into a discussion about glues and mentioned it, I would then go to their website and report that interaction.

As with a lot of campaigns where people are excited to get started, I suspect this one fizzled out near the end and The Insiders were likely not getting as many reports. They decided to hold a contest to stimulate more activity. The prize was one of three Lepage Toolboxes, full of goodies from the Lepage company.  I managed to win one of these.  It arrived this week.
It's a  nice sturdy plastic toolbox that I will likely use for something other than storing glue.  Inside I found 2 large Pritt Glue Sticks, Premium Quality White Glue, No More Nails all purpose construction adhesive, 100% Adhesive Putty, which fills and seals, Fun -Tak Mounting Putty and 100 % Glue (multi-purpose).

I also still have two unopened bottles of the Ultra Gel, so I'm ready for anything now, that needs to be fixed or stuck together.

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