Thursday, August 22, 2013

Human Vacuum Cleaners

"Did you even taste that?" I heard my daugher-in-law ask my grandson. Then seconds later she asked her husband, my son, the same question.

My apple tree is throwing apples at me so fast lately that sometimes I simply don't have enough room to freeze another pie, so I share it with someone. On this particular night, I had decided to share a pie with my youngest son and his family.  The guys just inhale pie, it seems, as it was gone in an instant.

I know I used to tell my hubby that I didn't want to go out to dinner with him as it would cost too much for the 30 seconds it would take him to clean his plate.  Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a little, but he was really good at wolfing things down. I thought, at the time, it was because he came from such a large family that he felt he had to eat his share quickly or one of his siblings would get it.  Now, seeing both our son and grandson make a slice of pie disappear before I've even swallowed the first bite, I wonder if this is an inherited trait, or if all males eat like this.  It's not a learned skill, as I'm sure I had managed to slow my hubby down at the dinner table and don't think his son learned this trick from him.  But then, I could be wrong.

It was nice to see my daughter-in-law react the same way I do when this happens though.  I'm sure she understands something the guys simply don't.  It takes us women a long time to make a pie, or create a perfect meal, and when it disappears within seconds, we wonder it it was really worth all the effort.  Just because the food disappeared doesn't mean we feel appreciated. 

So guys, take note.  We women folk don't take the fact that the food disappeared as quite the compliment you might expect. You may have told us you love what we have set before you, but we can't help but wonder how you even know what it tasted like.  We want to see you enjoy all our hard work.  Take a bite and savour the flavour.  If you like the food you can make the experience last longer if just take a little more time to enjoy it.  And then we will enjoy making those special things for you too.

Excuse me. I see there are more apples here waiting for my attention.

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