Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Furniture Story -- The Final Chapter

As I've told you before, I bought new furniture in March, but there were a few problems with both the original delivery and the replacement set 

The third time they sent a truck, they just brought me a chair and a loveseat, as I had accepted the replacement couch from the second set they delivered.  The guy came in, checked to see what kind of problem I had with the pieces he was about to replace,  then he went out to the truck and proceeded to pull the plastic off the furniture right there, instead of bringing it indoors first. Good thing he did that too, as he found the same kind of damage. In fact one of the pieces was actually split right up one side.  This means that the store had sent a truck, with two men, to my house three times, delivering a total of eight pieces of furniture, and only one of those was undamaged. (well, there is a flaw with that one too, but it was of a different nature and I didn't notice it for the first couple of weeks).

The store phoned and was prepared to give us a further discount on the loveseat, but they were going to send a man out to repair the chair.  Apparently he had to find the fabric first.  I wasn't sure how they thought he could repair this problem here, and I was somewhat worried that he would make it worse, or more noticeable, especially since I knew they would have a hard time replacing the piece I had. And why did they think they could repair one piece, and not the other, when they both have the same problem?  After some thought, I suggested that hubby tell them we would accept the same amount of discount towards the chair as they were willing to give us for the loveseat.  They immediately claimed they couldn't do that, and offered a much smaller amount. Hubby pointed out that it would likely cost them more than we were asking to send the man and material out here to do the job.  After only a brief hesitation, he agreed, and we were given the added discount. 

When we went in to get the credit card adjusted once again, my hubby looked at the receipt they tried to give him and saw that they had split the amount so that it included the taxes.  He objected, and said they promised us a certain amount and that he wanted the taxes on that amount, not included in it. He pointed out that if someone something back to where he works, they would get back the original purchase price plus the taxes and that this should work that way too.  He must have had enough of this nonsense to have tried for this extra bit, but hey, it worked. 

The fellow took another two weeks to get here to put the protective spray on though, since the phone number we were originally given was for someone who has not covered this area in over two years.  

So, now I have new furniture that is actually mine, and protected, even if it is not in perfect shape. For what we ended up paying for it, when all is said and done, we made out better than the store did, I'm sure.

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