Thursday, May 2, 2013

Birthday Deals

Each year, as my birthday approaches, businesses reach out to make special offers as a way of helping me celebrate.

Yves Rocher sent me two different birthday deals.  Actually it does that every year, and while I think I may have two separate accounts, the deals are never the same.  The first one offered me a free product, but they chose it.  They said it was one of my favorite products, but I've only ever used it once before. I'm sure it was a gift then too, as it's not the product of this type that I normally buy from them.  They would also give me a multi-strand jewelry set, which was pretty, and kind of tempting.

The second offer was for a new pair of sunglasses. I don't need those as I already have three pair.  I could have had three trial sized products instead, but I don't know what they would have been and I've probably had a sample of just about everything over the years. Now, if my purchase hit the $25 mark, they would also have included a beautiful tote bag, with some pretty flowers on it.

The thing is, to get any of this free stuff, you need to send an order. There was only one thing I wanted and it wasn't offered in either of these campaigns.

Oh, and while I was trying to figure all this out, Yves Rocher sent me a third offer, but I would have had to make a purchase in an actual store to get that one.  And though I could pick the category of products, it would still be a mystery until I got it. I was not even tempted.  I seldom shop in their stores anyway, as I really think I get better deals through the mail, postage and all.

What I wait for each year, though, is the restaurant birthday deals.  So far I've heard from Buds on the Bay, in Brockville, where, if I make a reservation for four, I can eat free. They will even supply the cake.  Joey gives an age discount.  They will take a percentage equivalent to your age off the entire table's bill, up to a maximum of $25.  They'd likely lose money on me these days, but that deal has only been offered to me at the Cornwall location. I don't expect to go there before the expiry date. Quiznos will generously give me a free cookie with the purchase of a sandwich, while Boston Pizza always thrills me with the offer of free pasta or dessert.  Their pasta dinner that I like is around the $16 mark and I've taken them up on this deal a few times over the years.

This year there is an even better offer from one of my friends. She is baking me a cake and has told me to invite a few of my friends to join us at her place to share it.  That might just be the best birthday offer I've ever had, and I'm really looking forward to it.

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  1. Ah, yes! I think that last offer would be the best! Happy Birthday!!