Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Step Out of the Way

This morning there was an author being interviewed on the CTV Morning Show.  She mentioned that sometimes when the men in our lives try to help, we step in and get in their way by making suggestions on how to do the job.  I'm sure I'm guilty of that sort of thing, but I have learned to step back from certain chores when my man takes a notion to do them.

You can always tell, however, just which of us did certain things.  For instance, when I hang laundry, I hang pants by the waistband, and shirts by their bottom hem.  He hangs pants by the bottom of the legs and shirts by the shoulders.  His way may require a bit of extra ironing on my part, but I think I still come out ahead time wise, when he helps with that chore. When doing dishes, I put the dishes in the drainer facing toward the sink, starting from the front of the drainer. He does just the opposite.  I'm not sure I understand the logic of that, but hey, the dishes still manage to dry just fine, so it's easy to stay quiet about that. And of course, there is always the toilet roll.  The ones I replace roll from the top and down the front of the roll.  His roll from the back, down the wall to the bottom.  Okay, so while I can leave the other differences in how we do things alone, sometimes I really feel the need to FIX this one, but I'm working on it.

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