Saturday, September 29, 2012

Forever Young

Over the years I was told many stories about the village and the folks that lived here even before I arrived.  On many occasions I caught myself holding back giggles as the story teller referred to this or that "young lad" during the telling of his tales.  I was well married and had nearly grown children, and these "young lads" were almost always old enough to have been my father.  Sometimes they were not all that much younger than the story teller.  It seemed funny to hear them described that way at the time.

This week I was setting up an outing and asked if I could invite "the girl next door" to come along.  "The girl next door" is a grown woman with a son in his twenties.  She was living in that house next door when I first moved here, and was still in high school at the time.  I've been here 36 years now but  no matter how grown up, or old she ever lives to be, if I'm still around, she will always be "the girl next door"  to me. 

I guess, as they say, age is all relative.  It's good to know that many of us will always be young in the hearts and minds of those who knew us when we were.

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