Monday, May 2, 2011

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Last week the Red Hat Society celebrated it’s 13th anniversary. Locally 250 women, from various area chapters, gathered at the Villa Lucia on Carling Avenue, in Ottawa. There was an excellent meal, complete with a slice of anniversary cake. An Elvis impersonator from Gatineau was there to entertain us all.

Now, this fellow, Sylvain Simard didn’t really look like Elvis, though a photo he was giving out when he was younger and thinner showed that he used to have more of the look than he currently has. He spoke to us with a French accent and I didn’t think the show would be any good at all. He sang a lot of songs, not just by Elvis, but Engelbert Humperdink, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra and I forgot to listen to see if he actually sounded like Elvis, as we, as Red Hatters, tend to make our own fun anyway. Many of us were actually up dancing during the show. He actually encouraged that, though it really didn’t take much encouragement if he launched into some old rock and roll type song. At one point I even got to jive with a total stranger, much to the delight of my chapter mates.

Fun is all in the attitude anyway. We went to enjoy ourselves, and we certainly did.

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