Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Different Kind of Treasure Hunt...No GPS Needed.

Today was the day of the annual village wide yard sale in Merrickville. You could not have asked for better weather.

The streets become extremely busy as there are sales in every block. This year the traffic didn’t nearly as bad as people seemed to park their cars when they found a place, and then walk around the area to check out the loot, before moving on to another area a little further along the way..

I started my day by taking in the United Church Breakfast. For just $5 there was scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, baked beans and toast, juice, plus coffee and tea. There were also fresh raspberries, and an assortment of interesting toppings for your toast, if you wanted them.

After that, I certainly needed to walk, so I went up one street and down the next and picked up a couple of things along the way. I decided to take my purchases home, and get my bike as I needed to go across town to one of the schools. We hold our karate classes in that school and last night I had spotted something I wanted to purchase. I zipped over on my bike and picked it up and then proceeded to check out what I could find on that side of town. The bike became more of a nuisance as it kept me from getting close to some of the tables, so I went back home again, and got rid of it along with my second set of treasures.

There was still a whole section of town I had not been near, so I set off again on foot and yes, I found more things to bring home. Now, it sounds like I spent a lot, but I didn’t. I start days like this with usually $10 in my pocket, but I wasn’t sure how much the item I spotted at the school was going to cost me, and I did want it, so today I took $15 with me. I came home with change even though I also came home with 9 item.....and a bonus.

Here’s what I got.

9 items in total, plus the bonus I'll show you later.

Let’s take a closer look.

These vases are tiny.  The ring has an amathyst and diamond look, but of course, it isn't that.  But still, it's nice bling for when I go Red Hatting.

I do remember the year the gnomes went missing around here, but I had no idea there was a book about it.  There are lots of local references in this little children's book, and since I doubt there were a great many printed, I think this is quite a good treasure to have found.

I picked up this frame, not for the picture that was in it, though that's not bad either, but because it's a nice frame in good shape, and has a couple of useable mats in it as well.  I, as some of you may know, like to paint, and it's good if I don't have to go broke when it comes to framing the results.

 Now, I don't know what it is about wooden boxes, but without meaning to, I seem to be collecting them.  I just can't pass up a decent box if the price isn't something outragious.  This, I think, is number 14 in my "collection."

And here's where the bonus part comes in.  I was offered this box for the great big sum of 50 cents, contents included.

 Inside the box, at no extra charge, were 5 pairs of earrings. While I won’t likely wear them, I’m sure I can make some interesting necklaces out of a couple of pair of them.

Of course, after a day like this, I have to bring  home something to share with the hubby, right?
I'm sure he will enjoy this little treat.  They sure smell delicious!

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  1. Well done, Karen! I have laryngitis and was unable to attend the sales at all. I missed all the fun. Boo hoo! Poor me!