Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Us vs the Kids: Product Denouncement

Us vs the Kids: Product Denouncement

We grandmothers are always looking for ways to spoil, or help look after the newest generation. They are precious to us and when we see a problem, it's really hard not to jump in with both feet and try to solve the problem. My oldest grandson has eczema. This is not something I have any experience with but I've recently heard of a good cream that is recommended for it. However, upon seeing this blog by someone I follow, I'm rethinking this purchase. If little girls don't like special creams, then probably boys don't either.
Do follow the link back and have a look at the picture they had their mother take for their granny.

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  1. Ahhh! Buy the cream. As I said in an email to you, my kids are WEIRD! Lots of normal kids do just fine with lotions. Besides, who cares what they want?! We, as adults, know what is best. My kids carry on and pitch fits while I put the cream on there little bodies. That takes about 90 seconds, then we move on to other things. If they got their way every time they were upset, they would eat chocolate for every meal, watch TV constantly, and would turn me into their very own loyal, royal servant. Oh wait. The DO get their way all the time! Learn from my mistakes, save yourself!!! :)