Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, Monday

I hear a lot of people grumble about Mondays.  They don't seem to like them.  I don't understand that as Monday is my favorite day of the week.  Just as many people see the beginning of each new year as a time to start over, I see Mondays that way.  Once a week, I get a fresh start on all my plans and all the things I never got around to doing the week before.  Mondays bring hope. 

It's amazing what I can accomplish on a Monday. 

Now that I'm on Time of Use electrical rates, I start the week out trying not to use any more power than absolutely necessary.  I have discovered there are lots of things I can do that don't require electricity. I can wash walls, clean out cupboards and sort all the piles of stuff that seem to crop up everywhere.  I never found time for these things when I was busy doing laundry, baking and vacuuming. 

I'll be turning the computer off now that there is enough daylight go see my way around the house well enough to start my chores. It's not just house work I'm planning this Monday.  Less computer time will give me more time to work on my painting projects, and I hope to get in some exercise as well.  Actually, I'm finding that climbing on and off of a chair to wash the walls and clean the higher shelves is pretty good exercise.  It's much better than sitting at the computer and moving nothing but my fingers, I'm sure.

I'll wear myself out before the end of the week, and slack off again, I know.  But there is always next Monday, when I can start all over again, with fresh resolve.

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