Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Horses on Parade

Lombardy Fair is celebrating it's 150th anniversary this year. One of the ways they have chosen to celebrate was to hold a parade of 150 horses, right though the center of Smiths Falls, Ontario.

The weatherman was warning of thunderstorms, which would have ruined the whole thing, but luckily the rain held off until just after the event ended, and any thunder happened well before it even started.

I've been asked if there were really 150 horses in the parade. Well, I didn't count them, but even though I know of two that were supposed to be there and were not, I'm sure the count was close.

 There were all kinds of horses, both big and small, some being lead, others ridden either English or Western style, some pulling wagons and some pulling other things. There was even a race horse in the mix with the driver in the sulky behind. While most of the riders were dressed in their regular clothes, but there was a couple in period costume, and of course, the cowboys. A few of the horses were also decked out for the occasion. I especially like the one painted up like a zebra. The parade was well worth watching and I'm glad I didn't let the idea of stormy weather keep me from attending.

 I'll just share a few photos with you.


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  1. Thanks, Karen. I am a horse lover from way back and I certainly would have attended this event if I were still living in the area. Thanks again for the posting.