Monday, May 30, 2016

Saving Money Everyday with Free Products

A couple of years ago I responded to someone saying "you don't ever get anything for nothing" by posting what I got, for free in the mail, each and every week for about five months. By then I figured I may have convinced them that they were wrong.  Today I've decided to show you the free products I am using daily, in my regular routine. 

I got the shampoo and conditioner from BzzAgent.  I was using Pantene products before but I really like the new Expert line, and find the Age Defy is perfect for me.

 It gives my hair body and shine, and I definitely see an improvement in my hair since I've started using it.  I'll be buying more when this is gone.

The body moisturizer I use came from Yves Rocher, as a bonus when I ordered something else.  It's a full size tube, instead of a tiny packet sample they often send, and I can tell you they will make their money back on me as I think it's the best body lotion I've ever used.

When it comes to my face, I start with Vichy ProEven Dark Spot Corrector (the white tube in the picture), which I got from Chick Advisor. They sent it to me to try. I was then supposed to write a review on the product, and how I liked it.  The time frame I was given was not enough to really see the difference it made in my age spots, so I had put that I likely wouldn't buy it.  I've now changed my mind, and cannot imagine starting my day without it.  I particularly like that I can use any of my regular products over top of it, and it's still effective.

I have a jar of L'Oreal Age perfect that I used daily for a while.  I got it when Glow Magazine chose me to take part in the You Tried It program.  I do like it, but now that the weather is warming up, I may do without moisturizer for the time being, or switch to a lighter formula.

Yves Rocher BB Cream was also sent to me as a bonus.  I've been using it for the past couple of years and so they knew it was something I would like.

I have a tube of the Vichy ProEven Night formula (the blue tube in the picture above)  which was sent to me in error, when they meant to send the previously mentioned product. I use it as part of my evening routine, when I remember. I love the texture of this product, and if I were actually just going to use one of them, this might be the one I'd choose.  It's a clear gel and spreads easily.  You can, if you wish, even put it on thicker for a short period of time, to get the effects more quickly.

For a night cream, I'm still using the StriVectin that also came in the Glow box of things to try before you buy.  I loved this stuff immediately, and checked out the price of it, shortly after I got it. It's really expensive, but it's lasting a lot longer than I'd expected, so that may substantiate the cost when it comes time to replace it. It does something magical to my skin.

Many manufactures offer free products.  All it takes is a few moments to sign up to the various sites, and then jump on the offers when they arrive.

The latest parcel to arrive is from Sample Source.  While some of the samples are....well, sample size, not everything is.  I'm currently testing out the Pronamel toothpaste, from the Sensodyne people.  I do like the way my teeth feel nice smooth after I've brushed.

The VH sauces are good too, as long as you realize these pouches are made for two servings. That's actually perfect for us. I noticed some people got more than one, as their family is bigger than ours.

You can't go wrong with Brookside Chocolate either, though this particular bar has almonds in it, so I'll have to give it to my hubby. He'll be pleased to test that out.

I used the coupon for a free box of Catelli SuperGreens yesterday.  I got Rotini and will make some sort of pasta salad to eat in all this heat.

I'll have to fill out a short survey about how I liked each of the items Sample Source sent me, and whether I've bought more or not. I find that well worth the effort, since I've discovered several things that have become family favourites through Sample Source that I may never have known about otherwise.

Anyway, I think you get the idea.  You can get along quite well using free things if you take a moment to go looking for them.  What are you waiting for?


  1. When I was young, my mom was a couponing Queen. She refunded too. She received lots of free stuff through both methods. She received cash refunds too, via refunding.

  2. I do use coupons but most of what I get is free for the asking.

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