Friday, June 5, 2015

Spotted, or Not

I started reviewing products for Chick Advisor last fall, and this spring they told me I had been
chosen to test out Vichy's ProEVEN Advanced Daily Dark Spot Corrector.  At my age, I do have a number of dark spots I could happily live without, so I was thrilled. 

When the package arrived, I was surprised to find that it contained ProEVEN Night, the Overnight Concentrate for dark spots and uneven skin tone.  That's not what I was expecting, but I was happy with a night time treatment, just the same, as I do have a good supply of daytime potions.

Then I got an e-mail telling that they had sent me the wrong product by mistake. They said I could keep it and review it too, but they would also be sending me the product they promised me.  Vichy is an excellent,  but expensive brand, so I was doubly thrilled to be able to work on getting rid of my dark spots both day and night.

The test was to run for two weeks.  I do wish I had taken a picture before I started, so I could see more easily just what is happening, if anything.  This is a product that works over time, and with just two weeks, if there was any change, it was happening so slowly that I wasn't aware of it.

The daytime product claims to visibly reduce the look of dark spots, brighten the skin tone, and create a more uniform complexion.  It's a white lotion that comes in a metal tube.  I like that I can use my regular moisturizers and such right over top of it, without apparently diluting the effectiveness.

The night time version is a clear gel that comes in a plastic tube. It can be used two ways.  I can spread it thinly over my entire face and it absorbs quickly. Or I could use it like a mask and put on a thick layer and let it sit there for 5 minutes, then remove any excess with a cotton pad. It's meant to have a resurfacing and brightening effect from the first morning and effectively reduce the look of dark spots in only 4 weeks.

One is instructed to avoid the eye area and lips when using these products. The problem is, many of my dark spots are near my eyes.  While I didn't see any noticeable improvements during the 2 week testing period, and therefore didn't give the most positive reviews, I think things are actually improving now. I am looking at my face, and am thinking that at least some areas where I always used a cover up cream don't really need that now.  I will continue to use the products until they are gone, and may even buy the ProEVEN Night version when I run out. 

I gave these products a thumbs down or "Forgetaboutit" rating, not because I didn't think they were any good, but because the question that generates the thumb direction was about whether I'd buy the product or not.  After two weeks, I didn't think I would. But if you are looking for something that might help, I'd suggest you go ahead and try it as it may work for you, as it seems to be for me now.

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