Friday, January 23, 2015

There is Always Something to Tidy

Last year I got involved in an online de-cluttering project where the blogging participants posted pictures and told about what they had de-cluttered the previous week. That was good for me as it forced me to clean up one little mess at a time within a basic week long deadline. As time wore on, the other participants fizzled out, until there were just two of us, and then the weather started to get better and we found other things to do.  I did get a lot of things done during the time it lasted though.

This year I discovered another of my favorite bloggers has come upon a year long project called 52 Weeks to an Organized Home.  And while the title suggests that you have one clean up job to do each week, it is really broken down so that you de-clutter something each and every day. They even tell you what to do that day, and none of these jobs should take very long to complete. I started out a little late, but it was easy to catch up, because, like I said, we are tackling supposedly small jobs, instead of big ones.  For instance, it's time to de-clutter the kitchen, but that has been broken down into little parts. The countertop (okay, so I know that's not a small task in some people's homes, but once done, it only takes seconds a day to maintain), the utensil drawer, the cutlery drawer, the dish cupboard, and now, today, the spice shelf.

I'm grateful for thus push to do the shelf on which my spices are stored, as it's overflowing, and have often had things fall out of the cupboard while reaching for something else. I admit that it was a mess, but I have now taken everything off that shelf, and washed the shelving and the shelf liner. There were all kinds of spilled spices mixed and mingled on that.  I have no idea how that happens as they are all in their own sealed containers and the containers don't get opened until they are on the counter top when I'm using them.  Gremlins, I guess.  No matter. It's clean now. My rotating spice rack is soaking in some hot water, and it's obvious I have not had that totally unloaded in years.  It will be very interesting to see if I can put everything back on it.  I also have a step type unit that is supposed to let me see what is behind the other stuff, if I don't stack too high.

But wait. I'm de-cluttering so I should throw out any really old stuff, or anything I simply don't use. I found a couple of things I didn' t know I had. I know there are some things in there that I very seldom use, but when I do, I don't want to have to go buy more, just for that one day.  I do have access to a Bulk Barn now though, so I wouldn't necessarily have to buy a full container of anything anymore.

This was a worthwhile job.  I even did the beverage shelf while I was at it.

Tomorrow, the food cupboard.  Next week, the refrigerator and freezer.  Yes, this is a very doable way to de-clutter.  Maybe you'd like to jump in.

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