Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Christmas in the June Heat

As the heat shimmers off the pavement, and people are all finally happily wearing shorts and sandals, my hubby got to use his Christmas present for the first time.

I had found it difficult trying to find a present for him this past Christmas as he had more clothes than ever, and didn't need anything else either. Men aren't like women as they prefer things that are useful.  Women, on the other hand, are happy to receive nice things they would never buy for themselves.  And, as men do, he tends to buy what he needs or wants, when the thought occurs, even if it is just a couple of weeks before Christmas. That makes things even more difficult.

Then, online I discovered I could order packages of tickets to the theatre at the Thousand Islands Playhouse in Gananoque well before they went on sale individually to the general public.  I remembered that he had mentioned we should go to a play several times over the past year or two. We used to go fairly often, but had not been for a while.  I thought this would be a great gift for him.

I discovered that instead of season's tickets there was also a package called the Flex 6 that sounded perfect.  I could buy these six tickets, and he could apply them to any play he chose at either of the two theaters, using as many as he cared to for any performance.  And, since I was buying them early, they would throw in an extra ticket.  He could use that to take his sister, or another family member or friend of his choice along with us. Or, as he chose to do, we could simply purchase another ticket after Christmas to pair with that one, and we would see four plays this coming year. He wisely decided to pick matinee performances so we could also enjoy Gananoque while we're in the area for the day. The bonus being that we don't have that long drive home late at night.

It seemed like a great gift, but thinking about it now, I realized that he never actually got anything until this past weekend.  After Christmas, he chose the four plays from the seven choices in the brochure I wrapped up, and picked the dates. By chance, the choices were all at the Springer Theatre anyway.  This weekend was the first time he ever got to see any of them.  We went to a musical romantic comedy called She Loves Me about two coworkers in a 1930's parfumerie who don't get along with one another. They each are secretly writing letters to a lonely hearts penpal they had never met. You can guess the rest.  It was a lively, fun loving show, with a lot of exaggerated but hysterical acting.  A few of the characters will be remembered forever in my mind, even though they were not the stars of the show.

Though I found myself recently feeling sorry for my hubby not actually getting the benefit of his Christmas present until six months later, I must say, I certainly can't complain about my choice.  Every time he gets to use this gift, I get to go along, not only to the play, but also to enjoy a meal out.  We had a lovely day and are already looking forward to the next outing.

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