Monday, May 12, 2014

Are Doctors Working the System?

We hear all this talk about doctor shortages, long wait times, and the expensive medical system that will just get more expensive as the population ages.  I have some insight into why this is happening and possibly a quick cure.

Thirty-eight years ago I had a little medical problem that my doctor quickly fixed by doing a simple procedure in his office.  Ten years ago, I had the same problem and was sent to a specialist to have it dealt with. When I mentioned my GP had done it in the past, I was told, "They don't do that any more." Apparently the medical system had decided it was better to pay someone who commanded a higher fee. 

Recently the problem cropped up again and off I went, once again, to see a specialist.  This doctor, without even examining me, or having the benefit of the tests my GP had ordered, decided immediately to book me for surgery.  How this doctor knows I even need a surgery is beyond me, but it will mean making extra bucks, right?

So this simple little problem that was once fixed easily in the doctor's office, now will take seven appointments to remedy, instead of one:  the original GP visit, a trip to the hospital for tests, a consultation with a specialist, another with the anesthesiologist, the surgery itself (which will involve who knows how many people), a follow up visit with the specialist/surgeon, and more than likely one with my own GP after it's all over with.  No wonder our medical system is over extended.

I see no reason for all this fuss. It's a minor medical problem.  It doesn't bother me and it's easily taken care of.  I'm starting to think the doctors all want a piece of the action, just to boost their incomes.  If they weren't so busy making a mountain out of a molehill, perhaps there would be more of them to go around, and more people could be seen in less time.  While that may not save money, it would at least be used more efficiently.

And for the record, I do hope to get a second opinion, or at least be properly examined before going forward.

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