Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Don't Care, Just Feed Me

Recently, while on Facebook, one cyber friend was hinting that it was time for me to post a new blog.  Just then, I spotted a picture another cyber buddy had posted, and laughingly told him that picture might just inspire a blog post.  He put up a smiley face. That's how these things are born.
The photo was of a bar and grill called I Don't Care.  When I saw it, I immediately thought it was a very clever name.  I'm sure I know how it came about. 
When a couple who has lived together any length of time decide to go out, the man often asks the woman, "Where would you like to go?"  The reply is often, "I don't care."  Now, guys may not find that helpful, since they generally aim to please, and they don't see our answer as helpful.  The thing is, in most families, the woman does the cooking, and the man eats what is put in front of him.  He might occasionally make a suggestion, or put forth a request,  but for the most part, he has no idea what he will be eating until he sits down at the table. 
Women like to eat out because it means they not only don't have to decide what the meal will be, they also don't  have to cook, or clean up afterwards. We're sure, where ever we are taken, we will find something on the menu that we will be happy to eat.  It's a treat just to get out. 
Since men seldom get a choice as to what they are going to be eating, we are often quite willing to let them choose not only what they want off a menu, but what establishment they want to head for.  When we say, "I don't care," when being asked where we want to go, we are really saying, "You choose dear, since you never get a chance to decide what you are going eat the rest of the time."  (Mind you, if the guy comes up with someplace we'd really rather not go, you can be sure we'll set him straight).
I think whoever thought up the name of this establishment needs to open a chain of them, and have them pop up all over the land.  Then, when a woman tells her man "I don't care," when he asks her where she wants to go, he will know exactly where to take her. 

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