Thursday, February 27, 2014

De-cluttering Week 9 -A Jewel of a Project

I was dressed and ready to go, all except for a certain necklace I wanted to go with my outfit that day.  The piece should have been on top, and easily accessible but it wasn't.  My jewelry box was overflowing, mostly with junk and I didn't have the time to sort through the mess to find the piece I wanted. The jewelry box immediately got added to my De-Clutter list. 

  • There is too much to simply hang on a piece of beautifully framed corkboard, as I had seen so many times on Pinterest.  I thought of pinning everything to a regular bulletin board and just hanging it behind the bedroom door.  That might be big enough.  Then, when we were shopping this week, I spotted these cute jewelry organizers, shaped like t-shirts, pants and dresses, and decided that since I've been so good at keeping up this project for 8 full weeks, I deserved to treat myself to one of those.  I chose the evening gown, since it has pockets for small things on one side, and Velcro loops on the other side so you can hang longer pieces without them getting tangled up. 

While cleaning out the jewelry box, I found various things I had not seen in a long time.  One was the key to my cedar chest.  I've been looking for that for years. I was sure it was in there and was amazed at how many little keys lived in with the jewelry. I had tried every little key I could find, more than once, but none of them worked. This elusive key was inside a small envelope, which was laying flat at the very bottom of the box, towards the back.  No wonder I never found it.  It's been years since I've had everything out of there.  I notice the envelope tells me how to get a spare key, should I need one, but that was of little use when I couldn't even find the envelope.

I don't have pierced ears any more, so I sorted out the earrings. Some went in the garbage, some went in a bag for donations or yard sales, and some that seemed suitable were put with my other beads to become more necklaces someday. 

While I managed to do a bit of weeding, there were also a few very old pendants that I hang onto simply because they remind me of trips and events from long ago.  There's one from San Juan Capistrano.  We were there the year of the Seattle  World's Fair. There is one from there also, equally as old.  There are also two from the Montreal World's Fair as well. I had a trip down memory lane, just by cleaning out that box.

This week I also cleaned out the magazine rack in the living room and actually disposed of half of what was in there, which is pretty good for me.  Then I sorted through the store catalogues from Sears, Ikea, Canadian Tire and Lee Valley and got rid of anything that had expired.  I even cleaned out my purse! 

This week's jobs were smaller than last week's, but I still feel like I accomplished a lot.

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  1. Oh I love that evening dress organiser! What a fabulous idea! If I had even. An inch of sewing prowess I'd have a go at converting one of my old dresses into something similar. Alas I tend to sew my skin or whatever I am wearing to whatever it is I am attempting to make lol!
    My jewelry box has been on my de-clutter list for sometime but I am saving that as a treat. I love sorting through my old jewelry and I've got some fabulous boxes full of broken jewelry that my Mum-in-law rescued from the salvos that I am itching to sort through too. I want to get through the big sucky mess areas first before I treat myself to a jewelry rummage.