Monday, November 5, 2012

Lessons for Today

Today I learned that when you iron 7 pairs of pants and stack them to put away when you are done, the pairs on the bottom of the stack could end up with more pronounced wrinkles than when you started.

Iron?  Oh, I forgot. Some of you have never touched one of those and don't know what they are for.  An iron is a hot instrument meant to flatten the wrinkles out of clothing.

Shoot. I did it again, didn't I?

Wrinkle?  Those are unsightly creases in clothing. Those of us born before a certain year feel our clothing looks neater with out them.

You might not understand why anyone would bother to remove those wrinkles, but then, those of us who do might not understand why you would willingly let someone stick inked needles into your skin to leave a permanent stain there either.  

Times change.  People's ideas of fashion change with them.

This post has been a little look back in time, to see how some of your ancestors used to waste their time trying to remove something that just comes back anyway.

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