Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Robbie Burns Day

Officially I'm three quarters Scottish.  But if you ask me about my heritage, I'm more likely to tell you about the other bit.....the Greek quarter.  For some reason that's what I've always been most proud of.  Though I have cousins who try to tell me I'm related to Sir John A. MacDonald,  I'm not so sure about that.  If I could prove it, perhaps I'd start bragging about my Scottish blood instead. 

So, as it happens, I've never had much interest in such things as Robbie Burns Day and had certainly never been to that sort of celebration before.  Today, however, a social group I belong to piped in the haggis.

A piper walked through the hall, playing the bagpipes. He was followed by a lass carrying the haggis. (Okay, so she was a bit older than that). Finally a gentleman performed the Address to a Haggis. Oh how I wish I had that on tape!  He did it with such vigor, it was very impressive.  And after he stabbed it, it was carried off to be divided among us.  While I don't have today's performance, perhaps you might enjoy this one.

Yes, I ate it.  I got a bit brave because one woman I know has had it several times and told me that it's quite good.  I'm not sure I'd go that far, but it was quite edible, and I had no trouble finishing off my portion.  We were also served scotch broth and biscuits.....and of course, dessert.  The whole event was free, and a nice way to spend some time with others. 

I'm glad I had this chance to learn more about Robbie Burns and the haggis. Today I actually feel a little bit more in touch with my Scottish roots.

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