Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Day in Carleton Place

Saturday we decided to check out the Bridge Street Festival in Carleton Place. The highlight of the event, in my opinion was that there was some good music along the street. Though I don't know who any of these performers were, some of them certainly got my attention.

There was a fellow playing flamenco guitar. I could happily have listened to him for longer than I did.

There was also a band that drew a decent sized crowd playing some lively tunes. At one point the 6 year old daughter of one of the musicians got on stage and was supposed to sing.  She forgot the words, but nobody cared. She was so cute. 

Her little sister thought she'd get in on the act by dancing around in front of the stage.

Speaking of dancers, these two did a demonstration on the street to drum up business for their dance class.

I'm not sure these two are old enough for the classes, but they decided to dance along.

After we walked the length of Bridge Street in both directions, we decided to go find a few geocaches. That was even more fun.  You will have to slip over to my other blog, called On The Prowl to learn about that.

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