Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Universe is Out to Get Me!

When I was young I was a pessimist. I operated under the theory that I’d never be disappointed if I always expected the worst. I could only get some pleasant surprises instead. I may have to go back to that way of thinking as I’m finding that the universe always seems to hear me when I have a positive experience and start thinking happy thoughts. It throws a monkey wrench into the works and screws everything up just to teach me a lesson.

For instance, when I was learning to cross country ski, every time I thought I was getting the hang of it, I’d instantly land on my backside. It’s like I was being told not to get overconfident. When I was learning tai chi and really started to get serious about it, I fell on a flight of stairs and tore all the soft tissue in my foot. If I find $20 in a pocket, suddenly I need something that requires that I spend that $20.

I should know better by now!

Friday I decided there was some extra money in my chequing account that I wouldn’t be needing in the near future so I moved it to my bonus account. That activated the universe pretty quickly.  The powers that be came out to grab that loot. 

By that evening my hubby had somehow broken a tooth. It needed emergency care, which, of course, costs more. He got it pulled out on Saturday. And our vehicle suddenly needed a wheel bearing. By Monday, somehow my hubby had another tooth that a piece broke off, so he has to go back to the dentist again. If they can’t fix this one, it will also mean a trip to the denturist, as his partial plate attaches to this particular tooth. And as if what I had put away wasn’t already spent by all this, when I went down to the basement just before supper tonight, I found water on the floor. The hot water tank is leaking. Lovely. One day I’m happy to have a bit of extra money, and within a few days, it’s not only all gone, but I’m now in the hole. What’s next? Enough already!

Yep, I’m going back to being a pessimist again. Expect the worst and if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be in a lot better shape than I am now. At least that would be a pleasant surprise!

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  1. AHHHH! I feel your pain, my friend. You know that May has been the worst month EVER (well, at least since April...) for me. But I like being an optimist. I like believing that good things MUST be coming my way. I like that little extra bounce in my step. I like LOOKING for all the wonderful, funny, happy bits of life. And then when bad things happen, I am able to say "At least I still have...". And I feel happy.

    Hold onto the happy. Let some other fool hold on to the doom and gloom.

    PS. Hope things get better for you (and your husband!) soon.