Monday, June 4, 2018

Colour in the Garden!

April showers bring May flowers......except when they don't.  This year we had a late April snow storm and a drought in May so the flowers only showed up on the very last day. But they are here now and I'm so happy to see them that I just have to share.

Both my peonies and iris are blooming right now, and I have several varieties of each.

 Besides this single red peony pictured above, I have a white one that I just love

as well as the more the common fluffy red and and pink ones.

Currently there are three more varieties that have not opened yet.

Of the irises I have, this one is my favorite.

with this one being a close second.

This purple iris is my most common one and I have clumps of them all over the place. I've given away so many of them over the years that I have trouble finding homes for them now.  I do wish the ones above would multiply more quickly but though I've had them several years, I still have just one small clump of each with just a few blooming stems on each.

The yellow iris my neighbour gave me have really brightened up the back corner of my garden and it looks like they might give the purple one a run for their money over time.

I have a couple of other mixed coloured iris as well, but I'm not all that fond of them as they have smaller blooms and are bordering on ugly. I expect I will likely replace them as I find others I can't live without.
The chives, along with the peonies and iris by my kitchen door, add colour while we wait for other things to bloom.

You may remember this overgrown section from my last post, but it has colour now.

As the bleeding heart end their cycle, a lot of other things are ready to take over.  I'm so happy to see the colour returning to the garden after such a long winter.

I hope I've managed to brighten up your day.

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