Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bookmark Canada

I had a chance encounter with a lady on the street this week. She saw me taking pictures and wondered if I would like one of myself with that background. I live here, but she is a visitor. In the city the conversation we had would probably never have happened. The friendliness of our village makes even visitors feel comfortable chatting with strangers.

It seems she is an executive member of something called Project Bookmark Canada. That's a national, charitable organization that seeks out, and marks, places that have been mentioned in Canadian literature with Bookmarks in the form of poster-sized ceramic plaques. There are currently at least 13 Bookmarks scattered across Canada, with a couple more in the works. This summer they have launched some themed contests. For example the most recent one Bookmark Summer Reads Campaign: Parks CanLit invited members of the public to read books by Canadian authors, and identify park land where literary scenes were set. Every two weeks they will announce a different theme.

Their supporters can also use their cameras and smartphones and share pictures of their favourite summer reading places on Twitter and Instagram using the #BookmarkSummerReads hashtag. For every picture shared, they get a chance to win a fun weekly prize.

Even if I don't become a supporter, I do think I'm going to keep track of what this group is up to.  I'll start by joining their Facebook page.

I notice they have a Bookmark in Ottawa.  Hunting that down will be much like going on another geocaching adventure, but I'll actually have an address to head for.  Any excuse to go exploring is fine with me.

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